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Growing and learning

As I continue to grow my portfolio with new and existing clients, I have learned that a good mix of offline and online clients is the best way to maintain a steady workflow. I have noticed a ebb and flow of work from both areas. As I see it, when the projects for online submissions lull in quantity offline clients seem to pick up. While I can’t land every project online or offline, I know having diverse geographic projects has helped both types of clients to choose me over others.


Retail Catalog Design

Just completed an 8 page retail catalog for a client in Australia. So I guess that makes me an international designer. It was a lot of fun and I’m extremely pleased with the design. The client was obtained through She was great to work for, made payments on time and was a delight to work for. She gave me full range and provided enough detail to get to the core of her needs. I’m looking forward to more projects like that.

A new Project with oDesk
I have had several small projects with an online freelancing service and have enjoyed the clients I have worked with. Recently I was lucky enough to be awarded a catalog design for jewelry. Interestingly enough this client is based in Australia. While the time difference creates a delay in response times, it is also helpful when I am juggling other projects. I have the freedom to work when I choose. It has been a wonderfully creative design process so far. This is ones of those projects that you wish they all could be. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is just the start of many fabulous projects. Wish me luck!

Testing with Elance

In my continued pursuit of building a freelance career, I have registered with After a long process of building a profile, filling out tax documents, passing the user test and providing proof of my address, I am now officially able to work on! This process took about 2-3 days, longer then I anticipated.

Now I am ready to begin the eLance experience. Well not quite, eLance ensures a minimum bid rule so that you can’t low ball projects to obtain new clients. There is a $50 minimum charge. So how does a new “provider” get new clients? To help build confidence in the designers abilities eLance provides software tests that you may take and be scored on. I took 2 tests Photoshop & InDesign. I passed with an avarage an just above average score. Though I am not exactly happy with these results because the questions are not tailored toward the type of work you have permission to do.

My example is the video editing features of Photoshop. I don’t have any experience using those features and don’t have any need to. I rarely if ever come a cross video editing projects. Why should I be tested on video editing questions when that is not what i use the software for. So needless to say I am rather disappointed in the generalized testing of eLance.

Dondero Diamonds & Fine Jewelry

This client has been in business for over 50 years. They wanted a new and updated look and feel. This logo was the first project in a large rebranding effort that included: letterhead, gift cards, signage, packaging, advertising campaign, billboard campaign, and website update.

Learning CMS programs

In an attempt to broaden my abilities I have begun the process of learning the CMS programs. This of course includes the top three: WorddPress, Joomla,& Drupal.

My progress with Word Press is viewed here!

My progress with Joomla is viewed

My progress with Drupal is yet to be embarked on.

Of course you can view my code and design using dreamweaver and text wrangler work .

After reading several reviews I choose to I begin a journey into the online freelance markets.  The first of my options is oDesk. Two weeks ago I downloaded their software, filled out my profile, and began bidding on projects. To my surprise I received an interview within the first 3 days, granted I was on there bidding and searching for the ideal projects.

My first online interview was a success, though the client asked me to reduce my already reduced rate. I did, it was after all, my first project using this system so maybe having a project under my belt would help me obtain more.

I have now completed my first 40 hour week working for this client, he seems happy with my work and the projects have grown from 3 to 10.  The software is really easy to track your time, there have been a few moments in which it caught me between projects and may have captured personal info. But oDesk allows you to delete those! Now to see if I actually get paid on Wednesday as they guarantee. We will see!

Interview Process

I have had several types of interviews with clients and potential full-time positions over the past month. Each one is unique and similar in there own ways. The question I’ve been wondering… do interviews really get to the heart of your capabilities and the type of employee/vendor you’ll be? I think so but the right questions need to asked. This is after all a selection process for you as well. Not every position is the right fit. Don’t waste your time and the interviewers when your gut tells you its not right. Even if your desperate be honest about the concerns your gut tells you. I believe they’ll respect you more if your open about your concerns. Remember they want a happy “employee” too and don’t want to have to do this again in 3 months..

Hello Blog World

Welcome to my blog. I am a 9 year veteran of the graphic design industry, with experience in marketing and advertising.  To view samples of my work visit